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Envisioned Campus: School of Architectural and Industrial Design

Like many vocational schools and colleges, the School of TADAE is envisioned having several campuses.  And while each campus will share core offerings, each will also operate with autonomy and its own mission focus.

These include the:

  • School of Architectural and Industrial Design

  • School of Music and Movement

  • School of Hospitality and Spiritual Nourishment

  • School of Artistic Artifact

  • School of Research, Writing and Oration

  • School of Assembly and Erection

An immersive educational experience is the aim of the School of TADAE, which includes a built environment that is stimulating and engaging.

Below are images of a model for the School of Architectural and Industrial Design:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Building Design for the School of TADAE

Visualization for the School of TADAE (Design by Max Eternity)
Visualization for the School of TADAE (Design by Max Eternity)

About Us:

About the School of TADAE: 

To create an adaptable and creative learning environment for vocational studies and general pedagogy related to arts and humanities, industrial design, prototyping and finishing, and socially-responsible entrepreneurship.   The acronym TADAE is the moniker for Traditional and Digital Artist Entrepreneurs.  The School of TADAE is open to the public, while simultaneously providing an encouraging environment for at-risk persons and/or individuals seeking to learn or upgrade skills for a new career or direction in life.

Forums, Certificates and Diplomas offered at the School of TADAE include:

Forums (free):
·         Lecture Series
·         Educational Film Studio

·         Graphic Design and Visual Presentation (18 months)
·         Furniture and Product Design (18 months)
·         Prototyping, Fabrication and Finishing (12 months)
·         Business Management  (6 months)
·         Culinary Fundamentals  (12 months)

·         Diploma of Graphic Art and Entrepreneurship (3 year)
·         Diploma of Industrial Design and Entrepreneurship (3 year)

In addition to workshop and studios, planned facilities include:

Research Library




About: Max Eternity

Max Eternity is the founder of the School of T.A.D.A.E.  He's is a visionary polymath—an artist, writer, historian and policy expert on socioeconomics and culture.  He is a contributing author to a college textbook, entitled At Issue: Poverty in America, published by Gale/Cengage (2015) and since 2010, Eternity has been a featured writer at, also being one of the first arts writers at The Huffington Post.  Eternity is currently writing three new books whose working titles are From Bauhaus | To Black Mountain, The Agency of Art: War Pedagogy and Social Change in the Western World – 1915 to 1965, and Beyond Oppression: Colonization and the Language of Heroes.  Known for his high-caliber feature-length interviews, Eternity has interviewed Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Dr. Cornel West of Harvard University, as well as renowned artist, Leo Villareal, and Whitney Museum curator, Christiane Paul.  Eternity’s flagship site is  He also operates Eternity News Now and Digital Art News, and was for 8 years the editor and publisher of Art Digital Magazine (AD MAG). In 2010 Eternity wrote the successful nomination to the World Monuments Fund (WMF) for the Marcel Breuer designed Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library - which set a precedent as the youngest public building listed on the oldest international historic preservation registry.  A native of Atlanta, Eternity has lived in San Francisco for 15 years and now resides in Seattle with his backyard chickens.  Visit for more information.

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