Sunday, December 14, 2008

About: TADAE

Traditional and Digital Artist Engineer

Along the lines of Web 2.0, Art. 2.0 is the new reality for "creatives" who are reinventing the way art becomes manifest, by infusing digital-aged tools, nomenclature and modalities into existing genres.

One of the easiest ways to understand shift in creative consciousness is through a conceptualization call TADAE.

TADAE (pronounced: Today) is a moniker, which stands for Traditional And Digital Artist Engineer and/or Traditional And Digital Artist Entrepreneur is a term coined by Max Eternity, an American polymath, who's the editor and publisher of Art Digital Magazine. This terminology is being put forth to be used when describing a creative, meme subset of individuals who informally embody a recent proliferation of innovative intellectualist, of which many are successfully blurring and blending the centuries old, established line(s) between what would typically define (and separate) artist from engineer. This culmination represent a manifestation having largely been brought on as a consequence of newer developments and expanding capabilities in emerging applications derived primarily from the digital realm.

Persons who might choose to define themselves in the TADAE subset are artistic engineers, art technologists and traditional artist who embrace the virtual aspect(s) of their work as a natural continuum to the legacy of the existing, pre-digital, global arts community. TADAE artists are concerned with the use of today’s digital techniques in a respective context, which undeniably accepts the past while whole-heartedly, championing the new and the now. Yet as with entirely traditional, non-digital, fine art, TADAE artists work in a variety of genres, with some being readily adaptive while others are entirely fresh. And while many of the still emerging genres of TADAE artists’ continue to take form and be defined, the embedded chart seen below provides a generalized analogy of TADAE creative genres. Please note, though it does not appear on the chart, it is to be understood that "handmade" traditional methods are used along side the digial genre descriptors.


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